Tired of digging around in your library folder to install simulator builds? Need to distribute simulator builds to non-technical people in your organization? Sim Deploy provides drag and drop installation of iOS simulator builds.
Version: 1.1.3


  • Drag and Drop Installation
  • Remote URL Installation
  • Custom URL Handling for Dead Simple Distribution
  • Automatically Launches Simulator and Installed Application
  • Easily Integrates With Continuous Integration Servers

Custom URL Scheme

Delivering simulator builds with the click of a link is easy - just create a link formatted like this.
simdeploy://fetch?url=[URL TO ZIPPED SIM BUILD]
simdeploy://fetch?file=[PATH TO LOCAL SIM BUILD]

Sample - iOS Test Simulator Builds

Must Have Sim Deploy Installed

Continuous Integration

Using Sim Deploy with a continuous integration server like Jenkins, Hudson, or Cruise Control couldn't be easier - in fact, this scenario is exactly why we built support for a custom URL Scheme.

  1. Zip up the fresh simulator .app bundle
  2. Copy to a location accessible through HTTP
  3. Generate and publish a Sim Deploy link that points to the .zip copied in step 2

# zip stores files relative to current directory, we cd to 
# ensure we don't end up with a ton of empty directories
cd "${WORKSPACE}/build/Release-iphonesimulator"

zip -ry "MyRadApp.zip" "./MyRadApp.app"

cp ./MyRadApp.zip /Library/Webserver/Documents/MyRadApp.zip

echo '<a href="simdeploy://fetch?url=http://myserver.lan/MyRadApp.zip">MyRadApp</a>' \
> /Library/Webserver/Documents/index.html

Bugs and Suggestions

Is Sim Deploy missing some awesome feature? Would you prefer if the UI was bright pink with lots of glitter? Whatever the case, feel free to get in touch with us - we don't bite! Contact Us